Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Animated computer simulation of in vitro cancer growth

On the next video sequences you can see the result of three state of the art models of cancer growth.

  • Spheric growth and the formation of necrotic core

  • Mitosis of cancer cells

  • Fractal growth of two neighboring cancer cell colonies

The author of computer simulations: Denis Horvath


David Basanta said...

Nice simulations description of what is going on in them?

Maicon Saul Faria said...

Very beautiful
Are this simulations your work ? Did you publish this ?


Zoltan Kuscsik said...

The results of this research are published in this paper:

B. Brutovsky, D. Horvath and V. Lisy
Inverse geometric approach for the simulation of close-to-circular growth. The case of multicellular tumor spheroids

However, the published model differs from those on Youtube.